2019 Honda Accord Profile View


Anyone looking for the best vehicles of 2019 should start with AutoWeb’s Buyer’s Choice Awards. They combed data from more than 120 million consumers to fill their list of top models, and Honda naturally came out ahead:

  • Best Car of the Year: 2019 Honda Accord
  • Best Utility Vehicle of the Year: 2019 Honda CR-V
  • Best Compact Vehicle of the Year: 2019 Honda Civic
  • Best Hatchback of the Year: 2019 Honda Fit
  • Best Sedan of the Year: 2019 Honda Accord
  • Best Van of the Year: 2019 Honda Odyssey
  • Best Small SUV of the Year: 2019 Honda CR-V



2019 Honda Accord Sedan Driving on Wet Road2019 Honda Accord: Best Car of the Year/Best Sedan of the Year
The Honda Accord remains at the head of the popular midsize sedan segment. Redesigned for 2019, it features a full range of powertrains, a large, elegant cabin, and a history of impressively high resale values.



2019 Honda CR-V Daytime Lights2019 Honda CR-V: Best Utility Vehicle of the Year/Best Small SUV of the Year

The Honda CR-V remains America’s most popular crossover SUV by effortlessly combining everything you could desire from the segment. It’s spacious, well-fitted, and a real pleasure to drive. You can head off-road or enjoy eco-friendly driving in the city and on the highway.


2019 Honda Civic Sedan Man Entering2019 Honda Civic: Best Compact Vehicle of the Year

Enjoying its ninth straight year as the number one compact car and third year as the best retail-selling car in America, the Honda Civic is available in Coupe, Sedan, and Hatchback configurations – it brings the same sense of sporty style to all of them.




2019 Honda Fit Vehicle Stability Assist2019 Honda Fit: Best Hatchback of the Year

The Honda Fit’s 60/40 Split 2nd-Row Magic Seat® provides unique cabin configurations and up to 52.7 cubic feet of cargo space. Envy-inducing features include heated front seats, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay.




2019 Honda Odyssey Parked Outside Amusement Park2019 Honda Odyssey: Best Van of the Year

An elegant, well-equipped cabin provides space for up to 8, and the Honda Odyssey continues to impress with cutting-edge safety technology and indulgent comfort features.




The Honda Lineup Dominates Any List of Top 2019 Vehicles

Your nearest New England Honda dealer will be happy to introduce you to any of the models listed above and provide info on the latest special offers. Contact us today for any further advice or assistance.